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The clutch is an essential component of the transmission system and can wear out over time, resulting in problems in shifting and a loss of power. If you're experiencing problems with your clutch we can help.

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Heavy vehicle clutch replacement services

Look no further than SEQ Heavy Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable clutch mechanics are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle's clutch is in top condition.


Reputable Servicing

Replacing and repairing the clutch in a truck can be a complex process, It's important to have the job done by a reputable and professional mechanic to ensure that the clutch is operating exactly as it should.


Quality and Experience

Our clutch repairs and services are comprehensive, and we stand behind the quality of our work. Our unique quality assurance process ensures that no aspect of your clutch repair is overlooked.


Optimal Performance

Our clutch repair services include clutch replacement, flywheel machining, and performance clutch upgrades. We only use the highest quality clutch kits to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle's clutch. Trust BBCS for all your clutch repair needs.

We provide fast, professional and reliable truck servicing.

We are a dedicated team of experts who specialise in the repair and maintenance of truck clutches. We understand that a malfunctioning clutch can cause significant downtime and financial losses for truck owners, and that's why we strive to provide top-notch repair services that ensure your truck is back on the road as soon as possible.

truck clutch repair

Regular truck and heavy vehicle clutch maintenance is important

Maintaining your truck and heavy vehicle clutch helps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle, and can save time and money by reducing repairs and downtime:

Improved Safety
Extended Clutch Life
Reduced Downtime
Increased Fuel Efficiency
Improved Performance
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Our 6-part process to provide fast, optimal clutch performance

The process of replacing a truck and heavy vehicle clutch can vary considerably depending on the issues. However, generally this is the process that we follow that allows us to find and rectify all issues.



The truck is first lifted on a hydraulic lift, and the mechanic will disconnect the battery and remove the transmission shifter, driveshaft, and exhaust pipes.

Removing the transmission

The mechanic will then remove the bolts and connectors that hold the transmission to the engine, and the transmission will be separated from the engine and carefully lowered to the ground.

Removing the old clutch

After removing the transmission, we will take off the clutch cover and pressure plate to reach the old clutch disc. Then we will remove the old clutch disc from the flywheel and clean any debris or contaminants.

Installing the new clutch

The new clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing will be installed onto the flywheel, while ensuring that the clutch is properly aligned and torqued to the manufacturer's specifications.

Reinstalling the transmission

The mechanic will then carefully reattach the transmission to the engine, reconnecting the various bolts and connectors. The shifter, driveshaft, and exhaust pipes will be reinstalled, and the battery will be reconnected.

Testing and adjusting

The mechanic will start the truck and test the clutch to ensure it's functioning correctly. If necessary, the mechanic will make any necessary adjustments to the clutch pedal or hydraulic system.

Some helpful reviews

We take pride in being able to provide you the best possible service and outcome for your trucks and heavy vehicles.

They were incredibly helpful and professional from the outset, the administration person I talked to multiple times was exceptional.  The mechanic was thorough and their price point for the work represented good value.

Shaun Mackin


Can always count on the boys down at SEQ HVR to not only get the job done on time but also get it done right

Wayde Camilleri


I've used SEQ Heavy Vehicle & Maintenance a number of times and have always been very impressed by their reliable and ethical business. They have always been honest and upfront and have never failed to provide anything other than exceptional workmanship, and competitive prices.

Andrew W


Great service and a bunch of blokes who get the job done.. Highly recommended

Andrew Brushy Field


Jake and the team are absolute legends, very high quality workmanship and always accommodating, our go to for our fleet maintenance

Jarrad Quin


Excellent quality service friendly knowledgeable highly recommend 5 stars

Scott Rayner