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A truck starter and alternator are two essential components of a truck's electrical system.

Truck starter and alternator repair services play a vital role in maintaining the functionality of a truck's electrical system. We can help to repair and replace the starter motor and alternator, ensuring reliable engine starting and a steady supply of electrical power while on the road.

Truck Starters

Truck Alternators

Starter and alternator repairs for your heavy vehicle

When you bring your heavy vehicle to us for start and alternator repairs, our experienced mechanics will follow a detailed process to ensure that the repairs are carried out efficiently and effectively. This process includes:



Our experienced mechanics will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the starter motor and alternator to identify any faults or issues.

Repair and replacement

Based on the diagnosis, we will either repair or replace the faulty components with genuine parts. Many that we may already have in stock.

Testing and adjustments

We will test the starter motor, alternator, and the charging system to ensure that they are functioning correctly. We will also adjust the charging system to optimise performance.


Once the repairs are completed, we will provide you with a detailed report of the work carried out and ensure that your heavy vehicle is starting smoothly and the electrical system is functioning correctly.
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Starter and Alternator Repairs

Our start and alternator repair services are designed to ensure that your heavy vehicles are starting smoothly and that the electrical system is functioning correctly. Our services include:

Diagnosis and repair of starter motor and alternator faults
Replacement of faulty components with genuine parts
Testing and adjustment of the charging system to ensure optimal performance
Comprehensive electrical system checks to identify any potential issues before they become a problem
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Some helpful reviews

We take pride in being able to provide you the best possible service and outcome for your trucks and heavy vehicles.

They were incredibly helpful and professional from the outset, the administration person I talked to multiple times was exceptional.  The mechanic was thorough and their price point for the work represented good value.

Shaun Mackin


Can always count on the boys down at SEQ HVR to not only get the job done on time but also get it done right

Wayde Camilleri


I've used SEQ Heavy Vehicle & Maintenance a number of times and have always been very impressed by their reliable and ethical business. They have always been honest and upfront and have never failed to provide anything other than exceptional workmanship, and competitive prices.

Andrew W


Great service and a bunch of blokes who get the job done.. Highly recommended

Andrew Brushy Field


Jake and the team are absolute legends, very high quality workmanship and always accommodating, our go to for our fleet maintenance

Jarrad Quin


Excellent quality service friendly knowledgeable highly recommend 5 stars

Scott Rayner


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